Tuesday at Light Centre Belgravia; Intuitive Therapy, Dynamic Yoga & Osteopathy

I arrived at the centre at 8am to see Sinead de Hora to have  a taster session of Intuitive Therapy. On my way to the Victoria, I was trying to think of what this might involve and I thought it would be more of a discussion based therapy and to lock into your own intuition to help you solve problems yourself. Along these lines anyway.

  Sinead immediately makes you feel at ease with her warmth and huge smile. As we sat in the lovely calmly lit treatment room, she explained that we wouldn’t have a consultation but rather she would be using her own insights, intuition and reading my energy to figure out what she was going to treat and how.  This was immediately intriguing and also quite exciting to not be giving an account of my history (physical and mental) to someone who was then going to work on your mind, body and emotional well being.    


I lay down and she moved her hand above my body and head. She then told me what she felt were areas that I needed working on, helping, releasing and cleansing. To be honest, she was spot on about all of them. I don’t want to give away too much as I feel that this experience will be completely different for each person and it is important to go in with an open mind. What I CAN say is it was the most transformative hour I have had in a very very long time. I felt as if energy lines around my body that had been blocked, were suddenly running free again.  I felt the most calm and positive than  I had in ages. I felt like the tasks required of me for the rest of the day were easily achievable and on top of all that, she gave a wonderful back massage! 

Sinead is an Intuitive Specialisit who knew she had an ability to connect with her intuitive mind from a young age. She has had over 10 years experience in the Wellness industry, having trained in Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic and Chinese Philosophies, Reflexology, Thai Yoga, Balinese, Indian Head, Pre and Post and is also a member of the Reiki Association. She is able to use all of these skills and combined with her incredibly insightful diagnosis and energy reading – she is able to give you tools to enhance the positivity in you.    Can not recommend her enough. She is at Light Centre every Tuesday mornings.

So moving on, I then attended a wonderfully challenging yoga class with Alessia Avellino. This was a very dynamic yoga class and I definitely felt like I was getting a cardiovascular workout! Alessia shared some wonderful insights as we were  doing the class and encouraged us to smile which really helped! She is also a fabulous teacher, caring about each student in the class, correcting as she went and also helping with easier or more advanced ways to do each part. She is in trained in Jivamukti but she explained that she was teaching a Dynamic Yoga for All levels. I definitely  feel that even if you had done yoga for many years, this would still be a great challenge for your stamina!  Please do come along to her class on Tuesday at 1.15pm-2.15pm. Perfect during lunchbreak!

And finally, I ended the day with a much needed visit to the Osteopath, Francesco Ricci. He was very thorough with his consultation and after numerous physical tests, he pin pointed where an area of concern was even though I didnt know it was from there! The interesting thing about him is he has a background in Martial Arts, namely Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Wing Chun. This was apparent when he gave me some exercises to help improve my rotation and twisting ability in my back. They had an element of martial arts to them, and as a dancer, that was far more interesting to do! Another highly  recommended practitioner. Francesco works on Tuesday and Fridays at The Light Centre Belgravia.

The very special thing about this place, is you can get everything under one roof! Please come and visit us soon. There are so many great offers and deals to get you started.




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